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Fangs for a Sexy Vampire Halloween Look

halloween-makeup-tips_vampire-fangsNow that October is fast approaching, not only kids but also teens or young adults look forward to Halloween. For kids, it’s the time of the year that they get to wear costumes and at the same time get free candies or other goodies. For some, costume parties are worth attending because you get to see fun and “scary” costumes. The trend nowadays seems to be leaning towards vampires. This tutorial will guide you on how to apply vampire fangs to finish of your look.

Of course, you have to pick a set of vampire fangs in a costume store. Usually, vampire fangs come with impression putty. The putty will help set the fangs, that way you can get a nice tooth impression when you stick it on your teeth. First you have to do is to remove all putty for the bag or packet. It usually comes with a base and a cap. Next step is to try to remove the base as quickly as you can before it hardens. Then, get as much as you possibly can for both fangs. Rub it together between your fingers and roll it into a worm-like or jelly bean shape. Take your fangs and put some putty in it, probably half of what you have. You would want to do it until you have enough that it seeps through the hole. Lastly, take the fang and center it on whatever tooth you decide to place it. Push it up until it sticks and do the same for the other side.

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